CEO and President

The company has a CEO in charge of managing the company’s operations in accordance with the instructions and orders issued by the Board of Directors, as well as informing the Board of Directors of the development of the company’s operations and financial performance. The CEO also sees to the organisation of the company’s day-to-day administration and ensures reliable asset management. The CEO is appointed by the Board of Directors, which decides on the terms of his or her employment.

Since March 2011, Atria Plc's CEO has been Juha Gröhn, M.Sc (Food Sc.)

Juha Gröhn, M.Sc. (Food Sc.), b. 1963, CEO, Atria Plc. Joined Atria in 1990.

Work experience:

- 1990 – 1991 Foreman, Lihapolar
- 1991 – 1993 R&D Manager, Itikka-Lihapolar
- 1993 – 1998 Director, Slaughterhouse Industry, Atria Ltd
- 1999 – 2003 Director, Meat Product and Convenience Food Industries, Atria Ltd
- 2003 – 2004 Director for Steering and Vice Managing Director, Atria Ltd
- 2004 – 2006 Director for Meat Industry and Vice Managing Director, Atria Ltd
- 2006 – 2010 Managing Director of Atria Finland Ltd, Vice Managing Director of Atria Plc, Group Vice President for Atria Baltic
- 2010 –  2011 Managing Director, Atria Scandinavia AB, Vice Managing Director of Atria Plc
- 2011               CEO, Atria Plc

Bonus scheme for the CEO and other management

The bonus scheme for Atria Plc’s management consists of a fixed monthly salary, merit pay and pension benefits. The company has no share incentive plan or option scheme in place.
Atria Plc’s Board of Directors decides on the remuneration, other financial benefits and criteria applied in the merit pay system for the Group’s CEO and Management Team, as well as the merit pay principles used for other management members.

The directors of each business area and the Group’s CEO decide on the remuneration of the members of the management teams of the various business areas according to the one-over-one principle. The merit pay systems for the management teams of business areas are approved by the Group’s CEO.

The retirement age for the CEO is 63 years. However, the CEO has the right to retire at age 60. The pension arrangement is payment-based and the amount of pension is based on the CEO’s annual earnings at Atria Group as specified by the Board of Directors. The earnings include monetary salary and fringe benefits without cash payments of incentive schemes.

According to the CEO’s contract, the period of notice is six (6) months for both parties. If the company terminates the contract, the CEO is entitled to the salary for the period of notice and severance pay, which together correspond to 18 months’ salary. There are no terms and conditions for any other compensation based on termination of employment.

Incentive plans for management and key personnel

Long-term incentive plan
Atria’s long-term incentive plan includes an earning period consisting of three year-long periods.

The 2012–2014 earning period ended on 31 December 2014. The compensation earned in an earning period is determined after the period is over based on progress against set targets. Payments from the 2012–2014 earning period were based on the Group’s earnings per share (EPS). The plan covered about 40 people. The plan had no impact on expenses in 2012–2014.

In November 2014, Atria Plc’s Board of Directors decided to adopt a new long-term bonus scheme for the Group’s personnel for 2015–2017. The earnings periods will begin on 1 January 2015, 1 January 2016 and 1 January 2017, and will end on 31 December of the aforementioned years. The amount of the reward earned in each earnings period will be determined on the basis of targets, with an assessment by the end of May following each earning period. The plan offers an opportunity to earn cash rewards for reaching targets established for the relevant earning period. All payments under the plan for the period 2015–2017 are based on the Group’s earnings per share (EPS) excluding extraordinary items. Bonuses earned during the period will be paid in instalments in the coming years. Cash rewards payable under the plan for the entire 2015–2017 earning period are capped at EUR 4.5 million. The plan covers a maximum of 45 people.

Short-term incentive plan
Atria Plc’s Board of Directors has determined the merit pay system for the management and key personnel for 2014. The maximum bonus payable to Atria Plc’s CEO and Management Team is 35% to 50% of annual salary, depending on the performance impact and requirement level of each individual’s role. The criteria in Atria Plc’s merit pay scheme are the performance requirements and working capital at Group level and in the area of responsibility of the person concerned. In addition to the CEO and other members of the Management Team, Atria Plc’s merit pay schemes cover approximately 40 people. The plan’s impact on expenses in 2014 was EUR 0.7 million.

Pension benefits
Managerial group pension benefits confirmed by Atria’s Board of Directors have been arranged for the members of Atria Group’s Management Team who are covered by Finnish social security. The retirement age of the group pension insurance is 63 years for the members of the Management Team. However, the Management Team has the right to retire at the age of 60.The pension plan is payment-based, and the pension is based on the insured’s annual earnings (monetary salary and fringe benefits) as specified by the Board of Directors.

The financial benefits paid to the CEO and the Management Team in 2014 were as follows:







Fringe benefits

Supplementary pension contributions

2014 Total


Juha Gröhn





Deputy CEOs:
Juha Ruohola (until 3 June 2014)
Heikki Kyntäjä (from 3 June 2014)









Other members of the Management Team












Share incentive plan

Atria Plc has not any share incentive plan or stock option scheme.